New Appointment at LEARN

LEARN is pleased to announce the promotion of Debbie Horrocks as Project Director - LEARN Provincial Resource Team. Debbie has been a dedicated employee with LEARN serving the CLC initiative for more than 7 years. In her new duties as Project Director, she will be leading the Provincial Resource Team and will be working on various projects.

Debbie brings a wealth of experience and we are excited about her new role at LEARN. Debbie has a Bachelor’s degree from Concordia University and has worked extensively in community development with the English linguistic minority community. She has spent 18 years as a Commissioner with the Riverside School board, including 8 years as Vice Chairman and Past President of the Quebec English School Boards Association. Debbie is an avid gardener, which has helped her understand how to deal with things that are totally out of her control.  She relishes relaxing by the ocean, and says that there is nothing more soothing to the soul than the sound of the waves crashing on the shore.

Please take a few moments to extend your personal congratulations to her whenever you happen to see her around your community. Congratulations Debbie!