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How CLCs Help

All Community Learning Centres have a Community Development Agent (CDA) who is a member of the school staff. They work closely with the school principal to facilitate the development of school-community partnerships. These partnerships help educators leverage community resources and integrate real-world, authentic and engaging learning opportunities for students. In turn, the schools/centres become access points for community organizations and service providers to offer programming and resources to students, their families and the English-speaking community at large. Building the collective capacity for schools to thrive in this way has a direct impact on student achievement that often results in collaborations on projects with complementary outcomes.

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Key Documents

  • The CLC Approach Download
  • The CLC Network – 2017 Download
  • School Community Partnerships – Student Benefits Download
  • CLCs – Support to Teachers Download
  • Supporting Students The CLC Way Download
  • How CLCs Support Parents Download
  • CLC Evaluation: Executive Summary – The Quest for Sustainability & Best Practices Download
  • CLC Extended Model Evaluation Report Fall 2018 Download


Annual Report of Activities

  • 2016 - The CLC Chronicles Download 
  • 2016 - Sustaining Impact in CLC Schools and Communities Download
  • 2015 - Building School-Community Partnerships: Together We Can Make A Difference Download
  • 2014 - Fostering Engagement and Student Perseverance Download
  • 2013 - Changing Lives and Communities Download


Stories from the CLC Network

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