The PRT provides resources, consultations and professional development opportunities to the 86 schools participating in the Community Learning Centre Initiative.

With 45 requests for service from CLC school leaders since August, LEARN’s Provincial Resource Team is already hard at work helping schools in the CLC network start the year off right!

We are also excited to be offering the following learning opportunities to CLC leaders in the months to come:

· Web event for teachers featuring a virtual tour of the Shoreline Project and educational resources (Oct 24th) To register: Go to site

• Orientation and Training for new CDAs (Oct. 16-17) Contact the PRT for more information;

• Thematic Virtual Exchanges for CDAs throughout the school year Contact the PRT for more information:

1. Family Support & Engagement  

Sessions will focus on surfacing winning strategies, programs and referral techniques to support families, including interventions tied to Early Childhood Education.

2. Working with multiple schools

Sessions will focus on surfacing effective practices and challenges in extended models, based on the experiences of participating CDAs and results from a series of case studies led by Kit Malo, Estuaries Consulting in collaboration with the PRT in 2017-18.

3. CDA Launchpad

During these sessions, new CDAs will have a chance to reflect on the development of the CLC, share successes and discuss any challenges they may be encountering with the PRT and other experienced members of the CLC network.