LEARN is pleased to offer, at no cost, its network two great options for eConferencing. Information about each of the services is available below or access the econferencing documents here.

• Online Videoconferencing Request Form

• LEARN Videoconferencing Bridge Requirements

• Zenlive Protocols for the LEARN Community

• Community Learning Centre (CLC) Contact Information


With ZENLIVE, you can meet with confidence, regardless of your computer, location or experience. This convenient tool lets you focus on the goals of your meeting, bringing participants together in a user-friendly online environment designed to get the most out of your time.

CONNECT with your teams and other community members.
COMMUNICATE with audio, video and chat.
COLLABORATE on documents together in real time.

ZENLIVE is a web-based service so there is no software to download or installation required. The attractive, intuitive interface gives you confidence from the first click. Share, collaborate and discuss in real time, regardless of your location.

ZENLIVE is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems, and all commonly used web browsers.


For interactive meetings involving groups of participants (classroom of students or groups of 2 or more people in one room) at several remote sites (VC rooms equipped with audio/video equipment).

There are 37 Community Learning Centre Schools (CLCs) with videoconferencing facilities across the 10 English School Boards. However, check with your School Board since equipment is continuously being installed in schools.

Coordination required: VC room reservation. Bridge reservation if more than 3 sites are to be connected.