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The Leading English Education and Resource Network (LEARN) is a non-profit organization that primarily serves the public and private Anglophone, and Aboriginal, Youth and Adult Education sectors of Québec.

We bring together the expertise and efforts of educators, students, parents and partners in our community to cultivate success for all learners.


  • creates and provides access to quality learning resources
  • develops and supports innovative online and blended learning approaches
  • models and encourages the pedagogical use of information and communication technologies
  • initiates and supports opportunities for professional growth
  • fosters collaboration and sharing
  • communicates information in and about our community

The executive is composed of Michael Canuel (CEO) and the following directors:  Margaret Dupuis (Online Learning), Christine Truesdale (Pedagogical Services and Educational Technology), and Bev White (Special Projects).

Board of Directors

  • Michael Chechile, Director General, LBPSB
  • Robert Buttars, Director General, NFSB
  • Lucy de Mendonça, Director General, LSB
  • Holly Hampson, Executive Director, QAIS
  • Ruth Ahern, Interim Director General, WQSB
  • Corrine Levy Sommer, Director General, AJDS
  • Howard Miller, Director General, ESSB
  • Stephen Pigeon, Director General, CQSB
  • Sylvain Racette, Director General, RSB
  • Ann-Marie Matheson, Director General, EMSB
  • Marcus Tabachnick, Executive Director, QESBA
  • Christian Provencher, Director General, ETSB
  • Paul Lamoureux, Director General, SWLSB

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Privacy Policy

  • LEARN doesn't distribute, sell or give access to any sensitive or personal information related to its users;
  • LEARN doesn't enroll users in mailing lists without their prior consent;
  • Please contact us if you think these policies have not been respected.