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dwacWhat is DWAC?

Differentiating Writing Across the Curriculum (DWAC) was created as a student and teacher-friendly writing toolkit. DWAC's tactile materials have been a huge hit in our community. Now that the materials are out of print, we are pleased to offer an online version that distills the best of DWAC for both teachers and students.

         learn_e3  learn_s1 Audience: DWAC is aimed at Elementary Cycle 3 and Secondary Cycle 1 students. 


Writing genres



Adventure stories they evolved from myths about heroines and heroes faced with a challenge. By the end of the story, the characters learn something more about themselves that makes them stronger or more confident.


A letter is a written or printed communication addressed to a person, company or other organization. It is usually sent by post in an envelope, but we are also including email in this category.


Newspaper articles are short, non-fiction texts about people, places and events that are of particular interest or importance to the writer. They often include visuals, such as pictures and illustrations, along with printed text.


Mysteries are written first and foremost to entertain the reader by engaging and challenging the mind in a detection or problem-solving process. The goal of a mystery is that the ending or resolution is a surprise.


Autobiographies or memoirs are stories that students can tell about their own lives. They are written to hold memories, to keep the past alive, to work through personal problems or to better understand one’s life.

Photo Essay

A photo essay is a visual text made up of of images, photos, illustrations or pictures centered around a theme. Captions and titles may also be used to add meaning.

Comic Strip

Comic strips are made up of a drawing or drawings that make use of dialogue, captions and visual images to communicate a story or message to the reader. Although often funny in nature, comic strips can focus on important social issues or dilemmas and act as social commentary.


A report describes general classes of things, people, or places, and then makes a number of general statements about them. It is a factual account and intended to give an overview of a given topic.


Fantasy is a form of literature that is characterized by imaginary worlds, events and characters. This genre follows rules of its own making, allowing magic and other fantastic devices to be used and still be internally cohesive and thus plausible.


A presentation is where you share your knowledge about a specific topic. This is often done orally and accompanied by visuals or media that engage viewers in your subject.

adobe_pdf_icon Download the full Teacher's Guide here.


Students' writing is not limited to the ELA classroom. In addition, students need to know how to communicate effectively and in writing in a variety of situations. We all know that students come to the writing process with different strengths and with varying needs. The DWAC materials help with multi-genre writing across the curriculum by providing teachers and students with concrete tools, ideas and writing samples to support the writing process in the classroom.
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What is Differentiation?

Differentiation involves a range of strategies used to respond to the needs of learners in today’s classrooms. These learners have varying interests, understandings, prior knowledge and abilities. In order to meet all of their needs, it may be necessary to differentiate instruction at different points in the school day. In general, differentiation involves some form of adjustment to the content, process, product, context or evaluation of learning.
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*This section is the online version of the Differentiating Writing Across the Curriculum: Multiple Genres, Multiple Ways print materials