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Welcome to the Quebec Literacy Working Group (QLWG) Skills for Life Series. This 30 hands-on competency-based adult learning resource ranging from Getting My Driver’s License to Managing my Money was created with Quebec’s Common Core Curriculum in mind. It is can to be used in a classroom setting, both in an individualized program model and in a more traditional group progress model. Also, the resource is well-suited to a modified distance education set-up where students work independently, or semi-independently, with support from a trained tutor at a distance. Support material for tutors and teachers is available in the Educator’s section under Adult Education.

The members of QLWG understood that all learners are different. In order to address the needs and interests of all learners, our units have been divided into Essential Life Skills and Individual Life Skills. Essential Life Skills are important for everyone, while Individual Life Skills address the needs and interests of different learners. Once learners have completed the "Essential" units, they may choose a unit that is applicable to their interests and lifestyle.


In addition to the pdf versions of the units in the chart below, there are interactive E-learning units with video and narration that correspond to a selection of the units in the series. To access the Tutor Support guide, please login to your Learn account and go to: Skills for Life Tutor Support Material

  1. Orientation Unit Learning to Learn With video support e-learning
  2. Around the Home
  3. My Community
  4. Being a Canadian Citizen With video support e-learning
  5. What's for Dinner?
  6. Managing My Money With video support e-learning
  7. Smart Shopping
  8. My Health With video support e-learning
  9. All About Me
  10. Communication Skills
  11. Living in Quebec With video support e-learning
  12. Strategies for Reading With video support e-learning
  13. Strategies for Writing With video support e-learning
  14. Strategies for Grammar
  15. Strategies for Numbers 1: Understanding Numbers
  16. Strategies for Numbers 2: Adding & Subtracting
  17. Strategies for Numbers 3: Multiplying, Dividing & Fractions
  1. My Hobbies and Leisure Time
  2. Employment Skills With video support e-learning
  3. On the Job
  4. My Family
  5. Entertainment (music and film) With video support e-learning
  6. Fitness and the Great Outdoors
  7. Getting Around (travel and transportation)
  8. Career Exploration With video support e-learning
  9. Getting My Driver's Licence With video support e-learning
  10. Learning in Quebec
  11. Living Green
  12. Handling Legal Concerns With video support e-learning
  13. The Retirement Years

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Not for commercial resale. Please contact the Quebec Literacy Working Group for any enquiry regarding resale. Teachers are given permission to reproduce these materials for their students’ use as needed, providing that the source is cited.

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