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learn_s1 FOCUS - Secondary, Cycle 1

Focus Secondary Cycle 1 is the the culmination of three years of development by a team of teachers and instructional designers between 2003 and 2006, who shared the same vision of making sense of the Quebec Education Program for Secondary Cycle 1.  See Focus in Action (below), clips that demostrate how three teachers and their students worked their way through Cross-Curricular Competency development and subject-specific content.

learn_graphorg Cross Curricular Competencies Tools

Developing the CCCs leads to better performance in the subjects as students acquire skills, methods, ways of doing and an awareness of process.
>> Click to browse CCC Tools to use in your classroom
learn_write Student Planners

The Student Planners were designed to support the processes outlined for each subject in the QEP. In addition to graphic organizers that students can use, the planners also include some guidance along the way.
>> Click to see Student Planners by subject
learn_ideaSubject-Specific Model Units

Content and process meet in the model units designed for each subject.
>>Click to browse the available model units in pdf format
learn_concept Making Connections Across Subject Areas

Focus was designed to help teachers make connections across subject areas in Secondary Cycle 1 - in an inquiry format. The Broad Areas of Learning provide context.
>> Click to see inquiry questions by Broad Area and Subject


* This section is the online version of Focus Secondary Cycle 1 out-of-print materials pictured below
LMC_SubjBook_CoverHIST_T LMC_SubjBook_CoverGeo_T LMC_SubjBook_CoverArts_T  LMC_SubjBook_CoverELA_T LMC_SubjBook_CoverFLS_T LMC_SubjBook_CoverMATH_T LMC_SubjBook_CoverPHYSED_TLMC_SubjBook_CoverSci_T

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