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The CLC Initiative - Strengthening school-community partnerships

The Community Learning Centre Initiative (CLC), now part of LEARN, is an approach to school and community improvement in the English speaking community of Quebec. Currently more than 63 English schools operate as CLC schools, aligning community resources and developing partnerships that promote academic excellence and community engagement. CLCs support student achievement and offer recreational, educational, social, and cultural opportunities for students, families and the community. Strengthening the link between schools and communities supports student achievement, helps strengthen families and increases the vitality of communities across Quebec.

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There are currently 37 schools across Quebec participating in the initiative. 
Below are links to CLC locations, event dates, websites, contacts and other info.  

CLC Video Conference Calendar

This calendar displays video conferencing events that are scheduled for the coming year.   Click on an event to find out when, where, and what the event is.
Stay informed of what is going on in other CLCs or plan dates for your own videoconferencing events.
If you need more information about scheduled videoconferences or wish to participate in any of the events listed, please contact the CLC involved.
Go to the CLC home page for the CLC CONTACT list

To plan your videoconferencing event and reserve a date in our calendar, follow this link: econferencing@learnquebec.ca

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