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What are activities?
  • Activities are targeted, purposeful teaching and learning moments.
  • Activities usually lead into, or are timely to where students are in an exploration process or in a project.
  • Activities can be completed in a short period of time.
  • Activities should not stand alone, in that the activity completed should be put into context of student work.
  • Activities target specific key features, program content.
  • Activities target one phase predominantly of the learning and evaluation process but may touch on other phases.
  • Activities are context independent; context is provided by student explorations and/or projects.
  • Activities often leave traces of learning, or student work, which facilitate the evaluation process.
  • Activities build competency.
  • To ensure a balanced competency approach in the classroom, activities are developed for each of the phases of KPOP 1.


Artifact Produced

Starting a Personal Career Profile-Areas of Interest

Graphic Organizer
Top 20 careers

Top 20 Career list & Reflection
Know Yourself collage

Collage and reflection

Breaking down an exploration plan

Graphic Organizer PDF
Establishing good criteria for planning

Evaluation checklist

Education paths
Presentation and worksheet
  Evaluation of a career exploration process

Graphic organizer
"Taking Stock" of progress

Graphic organizer
Newspaper Saturday

Written reflection

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1 KPOP is an acronym and in no way replaces the language used in the POP program. For instance, On-task is referred to as exploring and experimenting; Ponder is referred to as reflection in the program. The KPOP acronym is meant to facilitate the recall of such program terms, and not replace them.