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A place where teachers and consultants share resources and experiences in ERC.
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PROGRAM INFORMATION (& Evaluation Tools)


Religion geo-localize: Cartograf scenarios! (>>>)


LES Religions Down Through Time:
consider using Reformation in Europe factors

LES Pilgrimages: Journeys of the Spirit
consider trying Religious Pilgrimages


New: Digital Tools in ERC
iPad applications and the Evaluation Frameworks!
Visit this brand new section to get a sense of how you might use different tablet applications in ERC.
Expect more to come! Follow posts of more detailed iPad/tablet and other technology scenarios as they are published on the ERC News blog!

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Powerpoints on religious objects
NEW on LEARN: PowerPoints on religious objects, representations, and their corresponding stories and contexts, courtesy of EMSB.
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lbpsb ERC and Literacy
Lester B. Pearson School Board, this document has been developed as a teacher resource to support the implementation of the Ethics and Religious Culture Curriculum. "One of our primary goals was to provide teachers with a planning resource that is directly linked to a number of picture books. For each of the picture books you will find the bibliographic reference, as well as, the curriculum competencies and key features."
Read more and access the PDF of the latest version here...

sCool Videos tagged for ERC!
bullying Just posted on the s'Cool site section at LEARN, these short "features" have been organized in one location for use with the Ethics and Religious Education program.
An ideal way to motivate students, these features were produced for the s'Cool television programme in 2008-2009, but they were researched and written by students themselves, and they reflect the students’ preoccupations and unique voices. They can be used in class as conversation starters or hooks, or as media productions to critique and learn from. Click here to view the videos!

Classroom Conversations ! ethicsbutton
Teachers express their opinions, discuss their own experiences, share teaching strategies, and learn about the new ERC program and its objectives as they go.
Read about the event. View the video!



The Ethics and Religious Culture program is being offered in elementary and secondary level classrooms as of September 2008. To support teachers in its application, several Learning and Evaluation Situations were written by Anglophone resource people, with the support and expertise of the Ministère de l’É ducation, du Loisir et du Sport (MELS). Similarly, some French MELS LES have also been translated and are available here.
Here are the LES titles!
  • Stories and Human Beings
  • Autonomous People
  • A Heritage to DiscoverT
  • Supernatural Beings
  • Freedom of Expressionin the Media
  • Rites of Initiation
  • Illegal? But Everyone Does It
  • Disobeying the Law and Its Impact on the Social Order
  • Environmental Sustainability: Challenges to be met
  • Thinking About Life and Death
  • Art and Religion
  • Religions Down Through Time: The Protestant Reformation
    (Note: A related Cartograf scenario is available here)
  • Foundations of Religions Down Through Time
  • Tolerance
  • Pilgrimages:Journeys of the Spirit
    (Note: A related Cartograf scenario is available here)
  • Poverty and World Hunger: A Question of Justice
  • Religious References in Popular Music


The program section includes links to Ethics and Religious Culture programs, the main MELS ERC site, and to other relevant documents. No login is required to view this page.

Icon Legend
You will see these icons on many of the resources in this site. They represent the three subject-specific competencies.
Competency 1 - Reflects on ethical questions

erc_comp2 Competency 2 - Demonstrates an understanding of the phenomenon of religion

Competency 3 - Engages in dialogue
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