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African Canadian History

Some Missing Pages:
The Black Community in the History of Québec and Canada >>
Blacks have continued to make a positive impact on Canadian society though largely missing from popular texts and public documents. This document focuses on their contribution. The material is directly compatible with the History of Québec and Canada program (History 414). Many of the items included can also serve as valuable content in a variety of subject areas and grade levels.

See also: A web and paper-based activity:
A Soldier's Life: The History of Black Soldiers and their Impact ...
Based on: Some Missing Pages

Recently added:

Toronto.ca has put up a few excellent resources, including a nice timeline of Black History before and after the Europeans, and also  “Journey to the Present”: A Black History Month Exhibit.  Visit their site at  http://www.toronto.ca/blackhistory/

Radio-Canada has put up a BHM site in English and French  which details events and contains media at  http://moishistoiredesnoirs.com/

York Region has a nice list of resources and sites as well at http://www.yrdsb.edu.on.ca/page.cfm?id=STU000004

Citizenship and Immigration Canada has a Youtube channel containing several videos related to Black History in Canada.   They recently posted a sample with transcript of Proud of our History on their main site as well at

Northern Blue Publishing is pleased to announce the release of the  Slavery in Canada Portal, to commemorate Black History Month and to serve as a resource site for students of Canadian history. For more information about using these materials in your classroom, please visit the  Northern Blue Publishing home pages.

Great Unsolved Mysteries: Resource for Black History.  If you’re going to be studying Black History Month be sure to check out this mystery: Torture and the Truth: Angélique and the Burning of Montreal

African Canadian On-line
This Centre for the Study of Black Cultures in Canada site provides information on African Canadian artists and their work, links to other Canadian resources on the web, and updates about the activities of the Centre.

African Canadian Heritage - Canadian Multiculturalism
The Black Historical and Cultural Society of British Columbia
Black History Canada
Site developed by Historica.  Annotated guide to online resources....

Black History in Early Toronto By: Daniel G. Hill
From: Polyphony Summer 1984 pp. 28-30
© 1984 Multicultural History Society of Ontario

This is an abridged version of an address given to the Black History Conference held at the University of Toronto, February 18, 1978.

Black History in Guelph and Wellington County

The history of Blacks and Black communities in Guelph and Wellington County dates back to the earliest years of settlement by non First Nations peoples.

Black Loyalists: Our History, Our People

This site explores an untold story of our nation's history: how Canada became the home of the first settlements of free blacks outside Africa.


Blackvoice is an Interactive Magazine for the African Canadian Community that was founded in 1996.

Birchtown Archaeology - Excavating a Black Loyalist Settlement in Nova Scotia

Buxton Historic Site & Museum
African Canadian History of the Elgin settlement which became North Buxton and was a terminus point for the Underground Railroad.

Canadian Black Heritage in the Third Millennium

Canadian Black Heritage in the Third Millennium was created by educator, Gary Pieters, as a guide for students researching Black History from a Canadian Perspective. This Internet resource will include past and present events, people, places and issues.

Database for Nova Scotian Black Cultural History
Follow the North Star - Ontario's Underground Railroad (formerly African Canadian Heritage Tour site)

Ontario's Underground Railroad traces the perilous path of the 19th century Blacks as they fled to the sanctuary of the North along the silent and secret tracks of the famous Underground Railroad. Offers historical information, bios, maps, symbolism in quilts and music, as well as touring information and a list of resources.

From Slavery to Sierre Leone

In the 1780s, several thousand Loyalists migrated to Nova Scotia in the wake of the American Revolution. Among them were many Blacks who had obtained their freedom by fighting for the British.This is the story of a Black Loyalist woman, her escape from slavery in America, life in Nova Scotia and decision to leave the continent.

Many Rivers to Cross, The African-Canadian Experience

Photos and story of the arrival and settlement of African people in Canada, including Empire Loyalists and fugitive slaves from the US.
Native Born - A Brief History of the Black Presence in Pictou County

Native Born is an important historical sketch of the Black community in New Glasgow.  It was not written by professional historians but by a group of interested citizens desirous of making a contribution to the community's first official "Homecoming." From a variety of written and oral sources, the authors have gathered significant pieces of the history of our people and have put them together much like a craftsperson makes a patchwork quilt. 

Ontario Black History Society Archives
The Ontario Black History Society offers a digital collection rich with resources about African-Canadian Heritage as it developed over the course of the twentieth century.

The Underground Railroad: Niagara's Freedom Trail

The tragedy of events that led to the organization of the Underground Railroad in America and Canada in the 18th and 19th centuries forced exceptional individuals to rise above and transcend the everyday horrors of slavery. The influential individuals who helped to make the Underground Railroad a reality lent their voices to one of the greatest and most inspirational stories ever told. Includes maps , historical doxuments, biographical information, an image gallery, games, and a list of resources.

The Underground Railroad Years: Canada in an International Arena.