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A New Vision of Humanity
The Renaissance was marked by an assertion of confidence in human beings and by the formulation of new questions and a search for new answers in science and philosophy. Humanism is studied as one of the foundations of Western culture.


The Renaissance Connection

You and your students can now travel 500 years into the past via an interactive educational web site, complete with digital images of artworks from the Kress collection, interactive activities, lesson plans, a timeline, maps, and more.

Renaissance - What inspired this age of balance and order?

Visit the site to explore the Renaissance and discover the forces that drove this rebirth in Europe, and in Italy in particular.

Renaissance - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Life in Elizabethan England

Cultural References

European Renaissance
• Erasmus

• Nicolas of Cusa

• Montaigne

• Descartes

• Pascal

• Calvin

• Luther

• Thomas Moore

• Gutenberg

Treasures in Full - Gutenberg Bible - British Library
On this site you will find the British Library’s two copies of Johann Gutenberg’s Bible, the first real book to be printed using the technique of printing which Gutenberg invented in the 1450s.

• Orpheus(Claudio Monteverdi)
• Mona Lisa (Leonardo de Vinci)

Leonardo da Vinci - WebMuseum, Paris

• La PietÓ (Michelangelo)

• The Birth of Venus (Botticelli)

Botticelli, Sandro - WebMuseum, Paris

• Pico de la Mirandola

Elsewhere: It is important for students to observe the diversity of the cultural foundations of different societies in the same period, by studying Japan under the shoguns.

Japan under the Shoguns
• Shinto sword
• Tokugawa Ieyasu
• Shogun(James Clavell)
• Tokyo and Kyoto
• Noh theatre