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National Gallery of Canada Teacher Resources

National Film Board of Canada

National Film Board films are now available online for viewing.  There are a number which would be of interest. The collection is searchable. A search for art turned up

This short documentary looks at the work of artist Arthur Lismer, a member of the Group of Seven, emphasizing his contribution to art education and to Canadian art. At the Montreal Art Centre we see how children learn the independence of creative self-expression in art.

I Can Make Art Like Maud Lewis
In this short film from the I Can Make Art Like... series, a group of Grade 6 students are inspired by Maud Lewis, the celebrated Nova Scotian folk artist who painted scenes of country life. With the help of artist Kyle Jackson, they create a folk art painting of their own downtown neighbourhood. Informative, touching and filled with the magic of creation, this film shows both the power and simple pleasure of folk art.

I Can Make Art Like Emily Carr
This short film is part of a series entitled I Can Make Art and focuses on the work of Emily Carr. In this film, kids examine Carr's unusual world and the inspiration for her haunting landscapes. Drawing on this inspiration, they then attempt to create a giant forest mural on a window in their school. The series is comprised of six short films that take a kid's-eye view of a diverse group of Canadian visual artists.

Painting Pictures - Children Say the Most Amazing Things About Art
Volume I & II -
Sound Venture Productions with CBC and the National Art Gallery

For Elementary Students: Children's imaginations are set free in this series of programs (21 in Volume I and 20 in Volume II) which deliver a unique insight into paintings by some of Canada's greatest artists and the collection of the National Gallery of Canada. Originally broadcast on CBC.

What's This? Understanding Contemporary Art
28 minutes, 35 seconds
C 9196 181

For secondary students: This NFB video provides personal insights into why artists create and looks at the wide range of materials they use and the effects that photography and new technologies have on their work. What's This? also examines the role that language and history have played in shaping the art of Canada's First Nations.

National Art Gallery (US) -Teaching Resources: Online Programs

Art Access - The Art Institute of Chicago

Art Access examines objects from various areas of The Art Institute of Chicago's permanent collection to enrich visitors' understanding of their content, style, and historical context. Included are a variety of online resources of special interest to educators, parents, students, and young people, including lesson plans for the classroom and art projects for the home.
Discovery Education (Vodzone)
    Log in to your LEARN account and you will have access to Discovery Education's video and image collection via Vodzone. Select Visual and Performing Arts and then Visual Arts and there is a plethora of resources.