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Techniques and Gestures: Collage and Mixed Media

collage  In collage you're doing it in stages so you're not actually doing it right there. You first of all draw it on the paper, then you cut it up, then you paste it down, then you change it, then you shove it about, then you may paint bits of it over, so actually you're not making the picture there and then, you're making it through a process, so it's not so spontaneous. (Paula Rego)

MOMA - Red Studio
An interactive collage creating tool from the Museum of Modern Art

Artlex article on Collage
good definition as well as links to works by artists from the early 1900s to the present

Wikipedia article on Collage
a variety of techniques which include digital collage, photomontage and others. This is an interesting reference

links to a variety of collage artists as well as to descriptions of various materials for collage

Collage Machine
From the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC. This is a playful way to learn about collage

Mixed Media
definition from the Tate Gallery in London UK

Wikipedia article on Mixed Media