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Competency 1: Performing Sensorimotor Actions effectively in Different Contexts 

AA-EntreeParcoursThis site provides a series of videos to illustrate manifestations of Competency 1 of the Québec Preschool Education Program: “ To Perform Sensorimotor Actions Effectively in Different Contexts” ( View the competency as a PDF document

All the clips were taken in natural situations in which competency can be expressed.  They illustrate behaviours that can be observed in different learning contexts.

There are illustrations for each of the four evaluation criteria and each of the related elements of its key features.



- Executes gross motor movements 

Executes fine motor movements

Adapts his/her actions to the environment

Recognizes factors that favour well-being


"The children, having been placed in a variety of classroom situations that hold real challenges , have broadened their repertoire of actions. They adjust their actions to their physical and human environment and follow safety rules, performing in accordance with the task and their level of development. The ease of movement they have acquired prepares them for learning requiring greater coordination and dexterity ." 


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Concept: Mrs Johanne April, Professor, department des Sciences de l’éducation at the Université du Québec en Outaouais.

Translation, Editing and Web design:  Christiane Dufour, Educational consultant, LEARN

Video Editing: Mrs Sandra Samaha, Université du Québec en Outaouais information services’ audio-visual department  technicians.

 We would like to thank:
The teachers whose children participated in this project:
  • Mrs Joëlle Beauchamps, Eardley School, Western Quebec School Board,
  • Mrs Anne-Marie St-Jacques, école Saint-Paul, Commission Scolaire de l’Outaouais,
  • Mrs Sylvie-Luce Gauthier, école de l’Envolée, Commission Scolaire des Draveurs.
Mrs Christine Pérusset, educational consultant at the MELS, for her help selecting the video clips and making the connection with the evaluation criteria and the end of preschool education outcomes. Thank you also to Mrs Christiane Bourdages-Simpson, head of the Preschool Education Program at the MELS, for her support which allowed the completion of this project.
Mrs Lynda O’Connell and Pascale-D. Chaillez, educational consultants at the RÉCIT national du préscolaire, for their technical support throughout the process.
This site is a translation-adaptation, with permission, of a French presentation which can be found on the site of the RÉCIT national du préscolaire at: