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Secondary Teachers Welcome

LEARN provides various resources, program information and community support sections for  Quebec secondary level teachers and their students.   Please take the time to browse the various areas of the site using the links below or the navigation at left.


Subject area home pages provide a logical starting point for teachers to access information and resources about their particular domain.


This area of the site invites you to think about various learning processes and to browse available cross curricular resources and strategies.   Incorporate 21st century technology teaching and learning practices  in the Communication and Literacy  section.   Learn about portfolio practice and theory in the Portfolio Process section.  Visit the new Insight section, which  provides teachers with support for  students with special needs.  Learn how to make media with your students in the Media Production section.

Professional Development

Develop upon your own teaching skills and access various tools to help you in your planning and professional development.  The LEARN-RÉCIT provides various workshops throughout the year.  Schedules and workshop info are available in this section of the site.  Here is where you can also access dotplan, an interactive curriculum planner created to help teachers design learning situations based on the Quebec Education Program.  A growing list of the sections devoted to professional development are listed here:


The local and provincial RÉCIT teams provide training and development in the use of information and communication technology (ICT) for the classroom, in accordance with the implementation of the new Quebec Education Program.