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Issues and Innovations

Spring 2009 Vol.2 No.2

The current issue presents texts that we hope will help educators more deeply understand the meaning and responsibility of curriculum in our schools and the wider community.

The journal is available in three formats. The interactive version allows readers to turn pages, hear authors read their work, enjoy podcasts, and experience other media. The pdf version is easy to download and print. Printed, bound copies are also available. They can be purchased at lulu.com in black and white and colour, and are priced at the cost of printing.

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 Table of Contents 

7 Statement of Purpose

8 Review Board 

9 Editorial
Lynn Butler-Kisber

17 Commentary: Responsibility
Nel Noddings

25 Commentary: Politics of Curriculum Creativity
Madeleine Grumet 

31 Imagination’s Hope: Creating a Curriculum of Intention and Justice
Michelle Fine

43 The Pedagogy of he Imagination
Michael Armstrong  

Children's Voices, Children as Innovators: A Poetic Representation of Children's Experiences Learning About HIV/AIDS Through a Child-to-Child Curriculum Approach
Bosire Monari Mwebi 

77 Who Put You In Charge? Democracy In a Middle School Classroom
Matthew McCarney

97 The High Wire of Success 
Jordan Quenneville

103 The Curriculum of Desire: Four Poems
Carl Leggo

109 Stories In Relationship: Experience, Identity, and Curriculum Makingin an Elementary Classroom
M.Shaun Murphy

123 A Reflective Turn: Towards Composing a Curriculum of Lives
Simmee Chung

139 The Situation of Parents In the Curricular Commonplaces: A Place of Equal Rank?
Debbie Pushor

155 Reinvigorating Conceptions of Teacher Identity: Creating Self-Boxes as  Arts-Based Self-Study
Marguerite Comley

167 Listening to Children-Learning From Children
Cathrine Le Maistre &  Dianne Sprackett

187 We'll Meet Again: New Classroom Perceptions From Old Material
Chris Milligan & Wes Cross

207 Using Open Source Software to Engage In Real-Life Problem Solving
Stewart Adam

213 Balancing Act: Respecting the Required Curriculum While Honouring the Real Curriculum
Teri Todd & Jacquie Medina

225 The Master Teacher Program: Professional Development for College Teachers
Susan Kerwin-Boudreau

243 Southern Teachers Working In Canada's North: The Need for Relevant Curriculum
Morgan Douglas

255 Theatre of Possibility: Performative Inquiry as Heuristic, Holistic, and Integrative Learning
Dorothy Lichtblau