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The SSAACC will continue to develop collaborative partnerships within the Ministère de l’Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport (MELS) and the education community by contributing its leadership, expertise and support to ensure quality English educational services.

MELS mandate for the SSAACC:

To promote and support the implementation of Ministry policies and orientations in English and Aboriginal schools and centres, in collaboration with other sectors of MELS. In this context, the SSAACC assumes the following responsibilities:
  • Ensures that ministerial policies, orientations and programs are aligned with the needs of the communities we serve
  • Establishes, encourages and supports the implementation process of the Québec Education Program
  • Assists English school boards in the developing partnership agreements and completing school success plans
  • Coordinates services and projects aimed at promoting quality education in English schools
  • Promotes quality education in the schools of the Cree and Kativik School Boards and Aboriginal schools
  • Initiates projects enabling the communities we serve to maintain the quality of their educational services
  • Ensures the provision of expertise within MELS on the cultural and linguistic needs of the communities we serve
  • Represents MELS in meeting the aspirations of the communities we serve regarding education in the youth and adult sectors and in vocational and technical training
  • Translates into English Ministry documents essential to the pedagogical and information needs of the communities we serve, in a timely fashion and according to the provisions of MELS linguistic policy
  • Manages the Canada-Québec agreement for Minority-Language Education and Second-Languages Instruction
  • Provides administrative support to the Advisory Board on English Education

The SSAACC carries out its mandate under the authority of an Assistant Deputy Minister (ADM) for the Secteur des services à la communauté anglophone et des affaires autochtones.

Chantal C. Beaulieu
Sous-ministre adjointe des Services aux anglophones, aux autochtones, et aux communautés culturelles

Nathalie Morin
Adjointe à la sous-ministre adjointe

Lise Langlois
Directrice, Direction des services à la communauté anglophone

Francis Paradis
Directeur, Direction des services aux autochtones et du développement nordique

Laurent Trudel
Coordonnateur, Entente Canada-Québec

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