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Welcome to the Guidance-Oriented Approach to Learning (GOAL) home page for the English language schools in Québec.  The Guidance-Oriented Approach to Learning is viewed by many as the final, integrating piece of the reform of the curriculum for schools and centres. It supports the lifelong learning philosophy that career-life planning is a long-term personal commitment that must be inculcated early in a child's life and reinforced in adults through relevant, experiential and reflective activities that link the individual's development of self-knowledge and self-direction to the community in which he/she lives. Setting up the appropriate dynamic environment that nurtures this growth in students of all ages is the responsibility of a team of educators, members of the school team, school administrator and the board's GOAL consultant.

This website was created to support your GOAL initiatives within your schools and school boards. Information has been collected and assembled in sections to assist you in this process.

Mission and strategic plan

The mission of the GOAL Network is to support GOAL coordinators in the development, implementation and training with respect to GOAL and its curriculum links.  The GOAL Network meets three times a year, organizes in-service sessions, a professional development day or symposium, a ebulletin, a website and other resources to integrate GOAL into the curriculum and in community activities.  Please note that we will be working towards developing learning and evaluation situations for the secondary cycle two transitions, math sequences and career choices.

To learn more about GOAL-related POP information and tools, please consult the POP website.