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A web log, or blog, is a special kind of web site where you can post artlcles and receive comments from other people. It fosters collaboration and dialogue between people.

How to Grow a Blog
This excellent blog entry by Konrad Glogowski gives some excellent strategies for helping students use blogs effectively for quality work.
You can also listen to or watch his presentation from the K12 Online Conference

OLÉ! Orchestrating a Learning Ecology
Darren Kuropatwa, a reflective teacher, has created this blog which has everything a teacher needs to see why blogging makes a difference in a classroom. There are links to many helpful resources. A must visit.

His personal blog, A Difference, is worth subscribing to.
Read this blog entry Questions about Blogging in the Classroom and watch the VoiceThread

Classroom Blogging
This wiki, created by Tom Barrett, has a wealth of resources to help you think about why and how you would use a blog with your class.

Blogging and RSS — The "What's It?" and "How To" of Powerful New Web Tools for Educators
Will Richardson describes what blogs are and provides some excellent examples of how they can be used in education.

Will Richardson at NECC2004
This is a link to a short video about student use of blogs.


Recommended Blogs to Read

Keep up to date on what is happening in blogs and education. The following blogs are well worth following.

Will Richardson is a pioneer in the use of blogs and RSS feeds in the classroom. He has a blog on which he shares his ideas. Be sure to check his links to resources and practices.

Sample Blogmeister Blog: Kathy Cassidy's Class
This blog is by a grade one class

Find out how Kathy uses blogs and other web 2.0 tools - listen to her presentation from the 2007 K12 Online Conference

Moving At the Speed of Creativity
Wesley Freyer, the author, is a prolific blogger. He touches on all aspects of educational technology

2¢ Worth Teaching and Learning in the new Information landscape
David Warlick, an educational technology guru, shares his thoughts, conference sessions and more.

Edublog Awards - Best Education blogs


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