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EPearl is a bilingual, web-based electronic portfolio software created by educators working with Concordia University's CSLP. Based on sound research evidence, coupled with feedback from the field, ePEARL has been designed to encourage self-regulated learners within student-centred curriculums.

View a video clip  presenting ePEARL

For more information on the software please consult the ePEARL website.

Features of ePEARL

Students can:

  • Learn to reflect on their learning meaningfully and to comment constructively on the work of their peers;
  • Track their reading and music development, or presentation skills by recording directly into the computer;
  • Learn basic word processing commands through use of a text editor;
  • Archive selected artifacts within a Presentation Portfolio over the course of their education.

Teachers can:

  • Create their own portfolios;
  • Provide feedback on students' goals, work and reflections;
  • Track the development of their students' learning over a term, a year, or a cycle;
  • Model effective practices related to goal setting, reflection and conferencing.

Parents can:

  • Track their child's learning; and
  • Become actively involved in their child's education through the provision of feedback on work once it is stored within their child's portfolio

ePEARL Resources

ePEARL is free and available for installation in non-research sites. If you would like to explore the demo site or would like installation information, please contact Concordia (information here)

AbraImagelg ABRACADABRA ABRACADABRA (ABRA)is a free, interactive web-based literacy program designed for early elementary school-aged students, their educators, teachers and parents. The Centre for the Study of Learning and Performance (CSLP) continues to develop ABRA in an effort to help battle the alarmingly high percentage of low ability readers in countries throughout the world. Currently ABRA contains 32 alphabetic, fluency, comprehension and writing activities linked to 17 interactive stories and stories written by schoolchildren.

While the complete version of ABRA is available as part of the CSLP’s Learning Toolkit and must be stored locally on a server at the school board or educational centre, a lighter version of ABRA is available at http://abralite.concordia.ca .


User Comments
All my students have significant learning disabilities and are very challenged when it comes to reading. I have all the latest literacy software and have exposed my students to it, as well as to ABRACADABRA. Hands down, what they find most motivating is ABRA. And what I find most comprehensive, relevant, and beneficial to them is ABRA as well. We do weekly sessions on the SmartBoard where I show them how to use the various applications. Then they get to do the activities right on the SmartBoard. These sessions are the highlight of their week. Two of my students who could not handle any of the early literacy software loaded on my class computers can, and love to do, Abra. Thanks to Abra, they are finally able to blend sounds. Thanks to Abra, reading is not a dreaded activity but something fun that all my students can do at their own pace and that doesn't compromise their self-esteem.

Joanne Cosentino,  Elementary Teacher, Special Education (Calgary, AB)
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