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The Response Cards Teacher's Guide provides helpful suggestions for using the Response Cards in your classroom. Each activity has been designed with direct links made to the main components of the Québec Education Program: Broad Areas of Learning, the Cross-Curricular Competencies and the Subject Specific Competencies concerned with English Language Arts. Given the integrated nature of the English Language Arts program, each activity supports the development of all four competencies with a particular emphasis on the response process.

learn_e2 learn_e3 learn_s1 Audience: Elementary and Secondary Cycle 1

As a teacher guiding students through the response process, your role will consist mainly of creating opportunities for students to participate in dynamic, purposeful discussions. With this, learners can construct and share meaningful responses to narrative, literary and visual texts, as well as media. As students use the Response Cards as suggested in the activities direct them to:

✪  Engage in small group or whole class discussions to construct responses
✪  Brainstorm their responses through quiet reflection and/or with others
✪  Question their responses and those of others
✪  Respect and listen to other peers’ points of view
✪  Document the responses (e.g. written, role-playing, producing a visual text)
✪  Adjust/revise responses