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What is s'Cool?

s’Cool is a thirty minute current events television programme written and hosted by students in various schools across the province of Quebec. >> Read more
The show ran for two years between 2007 and 2009.  You can now watch the episodes on line.

The s'Cool shows are streamed! Click on the link below.

Do you want to use s'Cool clips in your ERC classroom?
>> Click here

What principles guide this project?
 The main tenet of the s’Cool programme is ‘About students, for students, by students’... >> Read more
What do we hope to get out of this project?
We want to provide opportunities for teachers and students to be involved in real-life meaning-making through media... >> Read more
Who participates in s’Cool?
s’Cool is made possible by participation from schools from every English school board in the province of Québec. Students from these schools along with their teachers participate in the making of the show...
>> Read more
How does it work?
Each episode of s’Cool is divided into a hosted portion and a features portion. For both portions, participating schools submit scripts and storyboards to the show’s producers....
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Target Audience
Who watches s’Cool?
The show is aimed at Secondary 4 and 5 students (Secondary Cycle 2, Yr 2-3)... >> Read more

Download s'Cool Supplies, a guide for teachers, including reproducible materials for students. >> Read more