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learn_les_enWeather Whys is an interdisciplinary six-week unit of work (or LES) that gives Elementary Cycle 3 students an opportunity to learn about weather in a realistic context. It was available in print format through LEARN and is now online.


weatherWeather Whys was started in 2004 by a team of five educators from the Western Québec School Board. The goal of this team was to provide teachers in Cycle 3 elementary with a QEP-based interdisciplinary learning and evaluation situation that demonstrates effective ways to engage students in project/inquiry-based learning. The result of their efforts is Weather Whys - a six-week unit of work that gives Cycle 3 students an opportunity to learn about weather in a realistic context. The weather content is based on the Essential Knowledges for Cycle 3 from the science curriculum in the Québec Education Program (QEP).

People involved in the original print publication:
  • KellyButler (Guidance Oriented Approach to Learning Consultant)
  • Eugene Contreras (Lord AylmerElementary School Teacher)
  • Lisa Diner (RECIT – Technology Consultant)
  • Pamela Griffiths (Pierre ElliottTrudeau Elementary School Teacher)
  • Patricia McQuatty (Math Consultant).

Science Based Activities


Weather Whys has a Science component where students become meteorologists. In order to learn what weather is composed of, students announce or display the daily weather conditions from a standard source.They construct weather instruments and use them to gather local data over a period of time.They record their data, then organize, display and interpret it. Students see how extreme weather is caused when at least one weather component goes beyond its normal range.


English Language Arts Based Activities


In the English Language Arts and Multimedia component, students create a Public Service Announcement (PSA). Students are introduced to the different careers involved in creating a PSA. They work in teams to explore, research and gather information about extreme weather conditions around the world. They then become experts in different fields to create their own extreme weather PSA using different ICT tools for the project.


Guidance Oriented Approach to Learning (GOAL)

Weather Whys channels the Guidance Oriented Approach to Learning (GOAL), giving students the opportunity to explore the various occupations associated with weather and how weather affects our daily lives. The students also experience the various roles needed in producing a multimedia presentation (movie).

For more information, download the preamble to the original print document:
adobe_pdf_icon Weather Whys: Introduction