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Rendre possible l'impossible. Les TIC au service de l'apprentissage.

Comment transformer l’enseignement du FLS en salle de classe à partir du modèle SAMR du Dr Reuben Puentedura? Une présentation d’outils numériques gagnants et des exemples pratiques pour la salle de classe.

le 22 mars 2017

Audience : Enseignant.e.s du primaire et du secondaire

Conférencière Louise Outland est enseignante de FLS à Beurling Academy (LBPSB). Spécialiste en FLS au primaire, Louise enseigne, depuis 2003, dans le programme d’immersion (précoce et tardif) de la Colombie-Britannique. Elle a également travaillé en tant que conseillère pédagogique pour les langues modernes à la C.S. d’Abbotsford, (C.-B.). Elle a de même été directrice adjointe et directrice de l’école d’été pour la même commission scolaire. Depuis août 2010, elle enseigne au Québec au niveau secondaire. Elle est formatrice et évaluatrice du DELF/DALF  et 2e vice-présidente de l’AQEFLS et sans contredit une passionnée des TIC! 


Gamification: It’s Not All Fun And Games

Learn what gamification is and how it is so much more than just badges, experience points, and avatars. In this webinar, we’ll provide an introduction to gamification and cover several key elements of a gamified classroom. We’ll also take a look at a model being developed in Quebec General Adult Education that aims to provide students with a visual representation of course goals and milestones, recognizes student achievements + individual strengths, and encourages learners to be active participants in the learning process.

March 22, 2016

Audience : All Teachers, Adult Educators

Presenter Avi Spector is a pedagogical consultant with the Riverside School Board and the RECIT FGA Regional service. With a strong belief that pedagogy should always drive technology in the classroom, Avi helps teachers find relevant and sustainable ways of using technology to enhance learning and develop student competencies.

Projet BaladoWeb : à l’écoute de la culture

Explorer l’histoire de sa communauté et de sa ville : quelle expérience enrichissante !  À l’aide du site BaladoWeb, développé par le RÉCIT national, les élèves de trois écoles élémentaires de la commission scolaire English-Montréal ont créé des balados informant le public sur l’Histoire de Montréal.  Cette cyberconférence aura non seulement pour but de partager le travail produit dans le cadre d’un projet nommé “culture à l’écoute” mais également de détailler ses étapes de réalisation.

Le 3 novembre, 2015

Audience : Enseignant.e.s secondaire

Conférencier Kish Gué est un conseiller pédagogique des technologies de l’information et de la communication pour la commission scolaire English-Montréal depuis plusieurs années.  Il a auparavant été enseignant au primaire à la commission scolaire Riverside.


Coding to Learn

Learning to code has become an increasingly popular activity for children. This is a good trend. We feel, however, that one of the most powerful reasons for learning to code is undervalued. That reason is to be able to use code to learn. To learn art, to learn math, to learn science. Computer science is wonderful but there are so many other things that can be learned with the help of coding.

April 21, 2016

Audience : All educators

Presenters: Brian Silverman has been involved in the invention of learning environments for children, since the late 1970s. Brian is the president of the Playful Invention Company and  does design consulting  for the MIT Media Lab and LEGO. Artemis Papert is an artist creating in both traditional and digital media. After a first career as a research biologist she retrained as a Shiatsu therapist and is currently training to become a Jungian psychoanalyst.

Schema Based Instruction

Schema Based Instruction: Teaching Children with Different Learning Needs to Successfully Solve Word Problems

Schema Based Instruction (SBI) is an instructional strategy that uses visual representations to teach children the underlying mathematical structure of a word problem. SBI helps children understand the relationships between the numbers in the problem, reduces the cognitive load on working memory, and helps them become more efficient problem solvers. During this webinar, you will be introduced to Schema Based Instruction and shown how it can be used to help children solve word problems. 

September 21, 2015

Audience : Pre-school, Elementary cycle 1 Resource Teachers, Special Education Consultants, Math Consultants

Presenter Kim Desmarais is an educator and Clinical Activities Specialist with over 12 years with children with special needs and their families. Instruction. She is currently a PhD student in the Research and Clinical Psychology program at Concordia University. Her research focuses on the problem solving strategies used by children with different learning needs during Schema Based Instruction (SBI).

Exploring the Holocaust with your Students

It is 70 years since the liberation of Auschwitz and for some this is ancient history. The Holocaust remains a defining event of the 20th Century. Exploring the Holocaust can be difficult but it is important that students learn to examine tough topics which remain relevant today. Learn about the many primary source materials (interviews, videos, documents…) and tools as well as literature, drama and art opportunities that can give students a variety of approaches to help them comprehend this issue.

March 18, 2015

Audience : Elementary Cycle 3 to Secondary Teachers

Presenter Jacqueline Celemencki is the Education Coordinator at the Montreal Holocaust Memorial Centre and is in the final stages of completing her PhD thesis in anti-racist education from McGill University.

Presenter Carmen Woolgar teaches secondary 5 ELA , Secondary 3 IB ELA and Yoga at Heritage Regional High School.


Harnessing the Power of Social Media: Moving Forward with Digital Citizenship

Being a connected learner is critical as a way for both educators and students to create authentic opportunities for collaboration and publication. However, do your students understand how to use technology in a safe and responsible way? This webinar will address a framework for teaching digital citizenship in your class/school. Examples of how your students can learn how to build their digital identities and learn how to harness the power of social media will be provided.

September 17, 2013

Audience : Teachers and Administrators, All Levels

Presenter Tanya Avrith, MA. Ed Tech is a Google Certified Teacher and Apple Distinguished Educator. As the Educational Technology and Digital Citizenship Lead Teacher for the Lester B. Pearson School Board, Tanya pioneered their Digital Citizenship Program which resulted in being invited to Facebook Headquarters to discuss digital citizenship education. She oversees the roll out of 1:1 MacBooks , 1:1 Chromebook and Google Apps for Education at her school board. Tanya is the co-founder of the #cdnedchat and co-hosts the EduSlam show. Follow Tanya @edtechschools and www.tanyaavrith.com.


Let's Talk Books: Suggestions for your Secondary Students

A panel of people passionate about books will share some of their favourites for use with secondary students. These may be ideas for classroom use or just recommendations for both avid and reluctant readers. Bring some ideas to share with others. Let's talk books!

December 8, 2014

Audience : Secondary Teachers, Education Consultants, Librarians

Presenter Louise Bourque has been in the teaching profession for over 30 years. She has taught at the elementary, secondary and university level. She has presented at conferences across Canada and the USA. Before working as a consultant for the Riverside School Board, she worked for MELS presenting workshops for teachers in the implementation of the ELA curriculum.

Presenter Andrea Borod (a.k.a. The Book Dumpling) teaches high school English and Media at Lower Canada College. In her spare time, she tinkers with literacy, personalized book recommendations, and all things writing.


Flipping the Classroom

Everything you ever wanted to know about the flipped classroom and more!! During this webinar you will be given a brief description of what flipping the classroom is, and shown some of the simplest ways to do it. Tools for recording lessons and ideas for classroom activities will also be highlighted.

April 20, 2013

Audience : Secondary Teachers

Presenters:  Kerry Cule has a background in engineering and made the transition to teaching in 2007. Peggy Drolet has taught math at every high school level for over 25 years. Audrey McLaren has been teaching math for almost 30 years. Currently, all three teach online math and science courses for LEARN.



Writing Reflectively in Math and Science… Really? Whatever For?

The benefits of reflective writing for elementary and secondary levels will be discussed from the points of view of the students (self-regulated learning) and the teacher (formative assessment). This webinar focuses on the pedagogy of reflective practice, as opposed to any specific tool(s), but will include many exemplars from a range of tools, such as Twitter, Voicethread, blogs, googledocs, padlet, and epearl (digital portfolio).

April 22, 2015

Audience : Teachers: Elementary Cycle 3 to Secondary

Presenter Kerry Cule has a background in engineering and made the transition to teaching in 2007. At LEARN, she currently has two roles: online science teacher and secondary science consultant.

Presenter Peggy Drolet  has taught math at every high school level for over 25 years. Presently, she is teaching math online for LEARN.

Presenter Audrey McLaren is an online math teacher for LEARN. She has been teaching math for almost 30 years, the last 7 with LEARN in the online environment.


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