LEARN's Focus in Action videos show how three teachers and their classrooms of students worked their way through: interdisciplinary planning; Cross-Curricular Competency development; use of the Broad Areas of Learning; subject-specific content; scaffolding student development and use of competencies; and overall implementation of competency teaching and learning in the Secondary Cycle 1 classroom.

Each classroom was visited three times to document how teachers and students planned for and engaged in learning through complex tasks. The perspective of the video comes from the three teachers trying to make sense of the Québec Education Program and using the Focus Secondary, Cycle 1 materials to facilitate their planning, teaching and student learning.

Focus in Action

Focus Tools

Graphic Organizers provided in Focus, Secondary Cycle 1 can be used as a guide for ongoing assessment. Teachers and students alike can use the graphic organizers to evaluate throughout the learning situation. Students can self- and peer-evaluate and set personal learning goals and teachers can evaluate competencies at different phases of the process.