Presenting Your CLC

What Is a CLC School?

CLC 1 Pager - Download File 

Story Sheet Template - Download File 


Here are three PowerPoint presentations for you to use. 

The CLC Approach presentation offers a general introduction/overview of the CLC Initiative.  This is a very large file as the last slide of this presentation is a weblink to the CLC video so you will need an internet connection to play the video for your audience.  If this is not possible, then you will need to embed the video into the PowerPoint. 

To learn how to embed a video into powerpoint go to site 


The CLC Approach - Presentation to Teachers can be used when you want to introduce the CLC to your teachers.  This presentation was developed for the CLC Teacher Institute in February 2015.

The Steps to CLC Extension: Presentation to Principals is a presentation for those CLC schools that are scaling up into an extended or regional CLC. 


All the PowerPoints have notes included, please adapt to fit your needs.

The CLC Approach - April 2016 - Download File 

The CLC Approach (PDF version/no video) - Download File 

CBSL Presentation for Teachers - February 2016 - Download File 

Steps to CLC Extension - February_2016 - Download File 

Building Relationships

Makings Of A Great Partnership

Put one of your school-community partnerships (or partnership tables) to the test with this short quiz!

Partnership Checklist - Download File 

A Framework for More & Better Learning through Community School Partnerships

2015 - Institute for Educational Leadership and the Coalition for Community Schools

Better Learning Through Community School Partnerships - Download File 


Developed by Julie Corriveau-Wilson, CLC Coordinator from the Eastern Townships School Board.   Julie developed this document to keep track of the various community organizations  and partners in her communities.

For more information on this, please contact Julie at email

Community Assets Inventory - Download File 

Building Mutually-Beneficial Relationships Between Schools And Communities 

This report describes and analyzes a successful effort to create a 'school-community connector, a person whose job it is to find and build relationships with a wide range of neighbourhood assets - residents, voluntary associations, local institutions, businesses- and then to connect them to the neighbourhood school and its assets -teachers, students, space, equipment, just to name a few.

By: Dacia Chrzanowski, Susan Rans and Raymond Thompson

A Publication From the Asset Based Community Development Institute at Northwestern University

Building Mutually Beneficial School-Community Relationships - Download File 

Achieving Results Through Community School Partnerships

How District (school board) and Community Leaders Are Building Effective, Sustainable Relationships - January 2012

Martin J. Blank, Reuben Jacobson, and Atelia Melaville - Coalition for Community Schools


Achieving Results Through Community School Partnerships - Download File 

CLC Infographs

Why Use Infographics?

Information is easily understandable at a glance

Helps key data points that may be overlooked in larger reports to stand out

High quality info graphics are 30 times more likely to be read than text articles (according to

They're great for sharing evaluation findings, promoting services/activities and educating stakeholders.

How Can I Get Started?

We recommend using Piktochart. Whether you're using the free version, or a PRO account, it is user friendly and you will have access to many helpful templates. 

For tips and tricks, as well as a break down of basic functions in Piktochart, check out the documents below.

How to Build an Info Graphic – Download File 
A Guide To Content Selection - Download File 

CLC Ads (InfoGraphics)

You can use these info graphics to help promote your CLC!  Be sure to add your contact information. To download ads, click "download file." Should the image open in another window, right click over the image and select "save image as."



Supporting Students the CLC Way (ENG) - Download File 

The CLC Approach (ENG) - Download File 

Supporting Students the CLC Way (FR) - Download File 

For Parents:

How CLCs Support Parents (ENG) - Download File 

How CLCs Support Parents (FR) – Download File 

For Teachers:

How CLCs can Support Teachers (ENG) - Download File 

How CLCs can Support Teachers (FR) - Download File 

All about CSL (ENG) – Download File 

Promotional Tools and Resources

Effectively promoting your CLC and its services is a key component of sustainability.

For ready-made materials, be sure to check out the section on infographics too! We're currently updating some of this information - keep an eye out for the CLC-Updates emails!

Communications Toolkit

This document contains information and templates that Community Development Agents can use for any and all local activities. The document is part primer, part editable/customizable templates, and meant as a tool to help you with your local marketing and communications activities.

Communications Tool Kit - Download File 

This document was created by the Coalition for Community Schools to help share your stories through a variety of media.

community_school_messaging.pdf - Download File 

Filming For Promotional Material

Tips provided by a professional filmmaker and producer:

This video is helpful. If you don't have time to watch the whole thing I suggest tips from timecode 3:00 to 4:44 go to site 

Settings - Camera - preferably we want 24fps but if your camera doesn't have that option then 30fps at 1080p is fine. Phones with 4k possibilities is best!!! I suggest using 4k setting so I have more wiggle room in post. See attached pics.

A mini tripod or grip is preferable. You don't want your hands touching the phone, this creates shakes in the image. Unless you have a very steady hand.


Make sure you are in a well light environment. If not, try moving the subject by a window or next to a light.

Elevator Speech

An elevator speech is a short pitch that you use when you meet someone and have a limited amount of time to quickly and simply tell them what you do and what the CLC is. It is a communication tool that will help you articulate your message.

Creating an Elevator Speech - Download File 

Communicate Your Plan.pdf - Download File 


Message Mapping: Think - Feel - Do Exercise

This is a message mapping exercise that the PRT did with CLCs at the Regional trainings in 2015.  The Think-Feel-Do exercise connects thoughts, feeling, and actions.

Message Mapping Template - Download File 

Keeping Your CLC School On The Radar

Are you looking to gain visibility and create value for your CLC?

Check out Ana Osborne's presentation on positive promotions!

Skip ahead to slide 19 for a communications template that is ready for use.

Positive Promotions, Ana Osborne - Download File 


This document contains customizable templates which will help you with your marketing/communications activities. It also contains information on a variety marketing channels: social media, email marketing and public/media relations.

Jump to page 5 to learn how to develop a social media strategy in 7 easy steps

Tips To Make Your Promotional Material More Effective

Make your newsletters, flyers, and brochures more effective — just by following a few simple design tips.

Design Tips: Promotional Materials - Download File 

Presentation Dos And Dont's

When you're making a presentation or meeting a partner, what you say is less important than how you say it. Check out the video below to learn more about the art of body language.

10 Most Common Presentation Mistakes - Download File 

Five Rules for Making More Effective Presentations - Download File 

Body Language Tips for Presentations - Download File 


Good Body Language Video Guide for Presentations - go to site 

How to Give an Awesome Presentation Video - go to site 

CLC Logos

Logos help to establish a visual identity with the public.  Consistent branding can help school and community members to understand the breadth of your work, as well as the network's.

Logo Guidelines:

  • You can make use of the CLC logo whenever creating promotional or informational materials.  The logo helps to identify your school as a Community Learning Centre and signifies your school's belonging to the CLC network
  • Do not combine this logo with others
  • Avoid 'crowding' by leaving at least one inch of clear space around the logo
  • Check with your principal(s) and communications department for information on the use of your school and school board's logo

Technical Details

Various formats of the logo are available for download

Files in PNG and EPS format are also high resolution and offer a transparent background - good for placement in documents with coloured backgrounds

In order to view the 'AI' high resolution files, MUST have Adobe Illustrator. High resolution formats are usually required by publications or websites

To better understand using the various logo formats please visit this

A guide to common file formats - go to site 

To Open The Files:

Right-click on 'download file'

Click 'save link as' - save to location on your computer

Logo will then be accessible on your computer in the desired format for future use

English Version

French Version

Planning and Facilitating Meetings

Facilitator Role, Responsibilities And Techniques

What are the responsibilities of a facilitator?  How can you help to set the tone for a productive meeting?  How can you encourage everyone to take part in the conversation?  If you don’t know the answers to these questions then this ToolKit will be very helpful to you. 

Jump to pages 5-6 of the Facilitator's Toolkit for a description of the facilitator's role and responsibilities or check out Cindy Elston's PPT presentation.

Tips for Facilitators (1 pager) - Download File 

Facilitator's Toolkit - Download File 

Facilitation CLC Style, Cindy Elston - Download File 

Icebreakers & Energizers

Are you looking for creative ways to help participants to get to know one another or to liven up a meeting? Jump to page 7 for a short list of icebreakers or to page 11 for a list of energizers.

Creative Facilitation Techniques - Download File 

Community Conversations

In this section, you will find a guide to planning and hosting a facilitated exchange between key members of your school, CLC and community. Community conversations can be used to help identify assets and needs, foster collaboration and drive engagement.

Guide to Conduct a Community Conversation, ENG - Download File 

United Way's Community Conversation Guide - Download File 

Guide to Conduct a Community Conversation, FR - Download File 

Managing Difficult Group Dynamics

Ever find yourself wondering what exactly is going on just beneath the surface?  This comprehensive facilitator's guide can help you to better understand group dynamics - the helpful behaviours and the not so helpful behaviours.  Jump to page 9 to learn about intervention techniques.

Facilitator's Guide - Download File