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Teaching and Learning Tools (CW)

Learning Situations

Tensions & Conflict: The Rwandan Genocide through graphic novels and interviews
An examination of history through media, using interviews and video testimonials of survivors, and through use of the graphic novel Smile Through the Tears. 

Teacher's Guide Word doc:  Download  PDF version:  Download  
Student Booklet Word doc:  Download  PDF version:  Download 

Wealth:  Distribution of Wealth and Emerging Economies
(Balancing social justice with economic development)

An approach that looks at poverty and economic disparity around the world, examines causes, and reflects on our own role as consumers.  Students look at products we use in everyday life, media representations of those products, and consider real responses from youth in the emerging economies where those products are produced.  Archive of older Google Doc version:  Download

Power:  The sovereignty of states and economic or political associations 
The case of Turkey and the European Union

LES that examines economic and political associations.  Focus on European Union, history and issues in general, then interpretation specifically around the entry application of Turkey to join the EU.  Link to archived Google Doc version:  Go to site

Tensions and Conflict: Behind and Beyond the Oil Barrel
 LES on the theme Tension and Conflict, focussing on present-day issues surrounding oil production and related foreign interventions.
Student Logbook PDF:  Download   Teacher's Guide:  Download


Web based tools

Cartograf Mapping and Drawing Application
LEARN-RECITUS open-source, interactive web-based mapping and drawing application. It allows students and teachers to create and share maps, collect and analyze images, and work collaboratively on class projects!  Go to page

Curated Resources (CW)

Recommended Web sites

RECITUS Monde contemporain
A great site for searching news articles and other resources related specifically to the various themes in the Contemporary World program.  Visit Monde contemporain:  Go to site

Taking it Global
Resource site and community action platform that also contains theme-related search abilities and "action tools" related to various global issues.   Go to site

Développement professionnel

Billets pour les enseignant.e.s en univers social

Le blog LEARN est plein d'articles intéresants qui peuvent contribuer à votre développement en tant qu'enseignant.e.s en univers social et ils sont amusants à lire! En voici quelques-uns pour vous en anglais: 

TIC en univers social

Le RÉCIT de l'univers social offre différentes sessions de formation et présente des dossiers pour l'utilisation de la technologie. Voici quelques exemples :

Associations professionnelles et communautés d'apprentissage

Diverses associations et groupes permettent aux enseignants en univers social de communiquer, de partager avec d'autres enseignants et de se développer en tant qu'apprenants professionnels. Voici quelques groupes clés:

Secondary 3 History Professional Community
Commununauté Histoire du Québec et du Canada. Visiter le site 

L'Association Québécoise pour la didactique de l'histoire et géographie.  Visiter le site 

Association québécoise pour l’enseignement en univers social. Visiter le site 
Visit and join their Facebook page and group too!  Visiter le site 

Société des professeurs d'histoire du Québec. Visiter le site 

Le groupe des responsables de l'univers social. Visiter le site 

MEES Program Documents

Below you will find various Ministry of Education program and evaluation documents for the Secondary Social Sciences domain.  (Click "show list" when items are hidden.)

Quebec Secondary Programs in Social Sciences
The QEP program documents describe course aims, competencies to develop, and course content.

Cycle 1 History and Citizenship Education  Download

Cycle 1 Geography Program  Download

Cycle 2 History of Quebec and Canada Sec. 3 & 4 program Download

Cycle 2 History of the 20th Century   Download

Cycle 2 Cultural Geography Download

Cycle 2 Financial Education Program Download

Cycle 2 Contemporary World   Four credits  Two credits 

Note that the main MEES Programs of Study page, where you will find these  "General Education" Secondary School Education Programs and older programs, is now online here:  Go to site  


Progression/Precision of Learning documents

Cycle 1 History & Citizenship   Go to site

Cycle 1 Geography  Go to site 

Cycle 2 Contemporary world  Go to site  (PDF version)

History of Quebec & Canada.  See "knowledge" within the program Download

Evaluation Frameworks
Below are links to the individual evaluation frameworks.  You can also visit the main MEES site and browse by subject to review them  Go to site

Cycle 1 and 2 - History & Citizenship Education  Download

Cycle 2 (New) History of Québec and Canada program  Download

(Older) History & Citizenship Education framework  Download

Cycle 1 Geography framework Download

Contemporary World online version  Go to site

Financial Education Download


BAMD:  MEES approved books site
Bureau d'approbation du matériel didactique

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