The Drama program is designed to engage students on a number of levels: psychomotor, affective, social, cognitive and cultural.  As they experience the full range of the theatrical experience, students have an opportunity to express their ideas and world-view, and show their receptiveness to the views of other students, as well as those of playwrights, creators and performers. 

Veuillez noter que les contenus sur cette page sont exclusivement en anglais.

Professional Learning

Spotlight on the Arts

An annual effervescent art education happening organized by the MAD2 DEEN subcommittee, featuring guest speakers, workshops in all four Arts subjects, a round-table discussion and on the spot art-making. Go to page 

Professional Organizations

Council of Ontario Drama and Dance Educators
Although their resources are not directly linked to the QEP, this Ontario educators association has a very robust website and an annual conference. Go to site  

Quebec Drama Federation
The Quebec Drama Federation exists to support English-language theatre companies, artists and their artistic expressions in Quebec. Go to site  

ATEQ - L’Association Théâtre Éducation du Québec
The French-language drama educators association. Go to site  

MEES Program Information

Quebec Education Program

QEP Drama Secondary Cycle 1 Download 

QEP Drama Secondary Cycle 2 Download 

Progression of Learning

Drama Sec. Cycle 1 and 2 Download 

Framework for the Evaluation of Learning

Framework for the Evaluation of Learning - Drama Sec. Cycle 1 and 2 Download 


PNG file of a poster aimed at elementary students, parents and teachers.


A poster designed to inspire students to choose various careers in the Arts. Available from you Arts consultant, or download the Tabloid PNG.