Evaluation reports help to tell the story of how we are making a difference.  Content from reports can be used to promote the value of the CLC approach, support grant applications, and generally showcase results.


CLC Network Evaluation Report

Qu’Anglo recently released its final evaluation report on the CLC Initiative, entitled “The Quest for Sustainability & Best Practices.”  The full report includes a detailed summary of how CLC schools have progressed, educational and community based outcomes, effective strategies and recommendations.

CLC Evaluation: Executive Summary - August 2015 - Download File 

CLC Evaluation: Full Report - August 2015 - Download File 

CLC Evaluation: Appendices - May 2015 - Download File 

CLC School Evaluation Reports

Evaluation Report Template

Evaluation Report Template - Download File 


Taggin' Our Success, Centennial Regional High School CLC - Download File 

Our Story, New Carlisle CLC - Download File 

More evaluation reports from June 2014 – Go to page 

Communicate Your Findings Effectively

Write accessibly - avoid jargon and consider who will be reading your report.

Be visual - charts & info graphics are powerful ways of conveying information quickly.

Help readers to understand why what you do matters - provide community context.


Your evaluation report will be important to stakeholders for different reasons.  Consider who the report is going to and how it might be used when choosing a format to present information. The following 2-page guide can help you to make some good choices.

Sharing your Evaluation Findings with Others - Download File