Western Quebec School Board - Val d’Or CLC

Val d’Or is primarily a French community with a very small English-speaking population. Lack of services and activities in English for this small community have become an opportunity for the CLC to step up.

While Brownies and Girl Guides already exist in Val d’Or, the activities are in French. The CLC saw an opportunity do offer something for the English community so, working in collaboration with Girl Guides of Canada, brings 11 girls, ages 5 to 11, and 2 volunteers together once a week to participate in various Guiding activities, make new friends and have fun. “Girl Guides of Canada– Guides du Canada (GGC) strives to ensure that girls and women from all walks of life, identities and lived experiences feel a sense of belonging and can fully participate.” The girls are encouraged to challenge themselves, find their voice, meet new friends, learn what it means to be good community members, and how to feel good about themselves and towards others.


“Just amazing, thank you” – Veronique White, Parent


Since the after school program started in the school a homework component has been added prior to the start of guiding activities so the students are able to get their homework or extra reading done.

Community engagement is a big part of the Guiding philosophy. The girls have gone around to different community organizations looking to help out in whatever ways they can. They are learning about how community members have to work together in order to be successful. Here is . picture of them cleaning up parks around Val d’Or