Riverside School Board - Richelieu Valley CLC


The Richelieu Valley CLC (RVCLC) created free ‘coding’ clubs in its schools for students in grades 4-6. These clubs complement the lego-robotics programs currently in place at both Cedar Street School and Mount Bruno Elementary School.

The Five-School Code Club runs out of Mount Bruno School with the help of two student volunteers. One of the students is a Concordia University Computer Engineering student who went to Mount Bruno Elementary and Heritage Regional High School and began volunteering with the CLC as was a math tutor a few years ago.

The CLC wants to give students the opportunity to learn to code and have the capacity to pursue other digital-making activities, whether that’s in their spare time, in school or as a career. Through participating in these clubs, students are given the opportunity to acquire skills that are useful to them – not only are they learning to program, but they are also learning about computational thinking, problem solving, planning, designing and collaboration.


“I like the way we can make them [characters on screen] do just about anything we want with just a few commands. It makes me think just how much coding some of the video games we play must have.” Cassandra; grade 5 student at Mount


Bruno Elementary School


Since the program began at Mount Bruno the club averages 16 students each week and 5 of which are girls. One of the leaders-mentors in this club is a grade 5 girl named Cassandra who the CDA interviewed about her experience in the coding club.

“As CLC Coordinator, providing leadership opportunities to cycle 3 students in our five elementary schools was not happening much. It was one of our goals this year. During our sessions in the code clubs and robotics club, I am frequently able to assign and-or witness one of our students helping another student who is having difficulty and stuck. I am witnessing these students acting as mentors and leaders. They are demonstrating competence, generosity and patience.” Community Development Agent