Welcome to the Sexual Education section on the LEARN site.  This new and developing program (of sorts) is evolving in Quebec.  Here we will gather resources for Teachers, Parents and Students.
Veuillez noter que les contenus sur cette page sont exclusivement en anglais.

Teaching and Learning Tools


Media and Sexuality
To help students to reflect on different ways of exercising freedom, the influence of media on personal freedom of choice and the resulting implications on individuals and groups. To help students become aware of the values that underlie media messages of sexuality, and the influence of media on social norms.    Teacher guide Download  Student booklet Download

Peer Pressure and Sexting
This LES will springboard from three Public Service Announcements highlighting the potential risks of posting images online. Students will discuss social networking groups that they subscribe to. Dialogue will focus on the pros and cons of belonging and then edge into their understanding of disclaimers and terms of agreement. A brief look into the practice of sexting will follow. [...] The students will  develop an Awareness Campaign for their peers endorsing their personal viewpoint of social networking, peer pressure and today’s youth.  Draft version available:  Download

Learning Scenarios and Actiities available off-site

(See main sites in Curated Resources lists below):

Media Smarts "Find a lesson" page at

Rights, Respect, Responsibility Lesson Plans overviews at

Teaching Sexual Health Lesson Plans & Resource Finder here 

Teacher's Sex-Ed Toolkit Lesson Plans at



Curated Resources (Teachers)


Pedagogical tools, suggestions for interventions, awareness activities.  Go to site 
Video:  How Teachers Can Use the Sexoclic Website.  Go to site

Teacher's Sex-Ed Toolkit
The Teacher’s Sex Ed Toolkit is a collection of free, downloadable lesson plans adapted for teachers in Québec.  Go to site 

Recent issues are available:  Go to site

Sexual Health Network of Quebec 
Network of associations, connecting various educators on sex ed.  Resources page:  Go to site

Teaching Sexual Health:  
A resource for sexual health teachers and educators.  Go to site

Advocates for Youth Sex Ed Resource Center   
Go to site

Sexual Exploitation section of Media Smarts 
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How To's for Teachers

Sex Education in Schools: Yes, But How? 
Guide for the implementation of a process for sex education in preschool, elementary and secondary school. Download

How to teach … sex education   Go to site 

Online Sex Education Resources: Challenges and Opportunities backgrounder
Now part of I Heard it 'Round the Internet: Sexual Health Education and Authenticating Online Information (see page 15)  Download

MEES Documents


MEES publications, Etc.

Sex Education in the Context of Educational Reform 
available from Complementary Services at MELS  

Version française:  Download   English version:  Download

Sex Education in Schools: Yes, But How?  (Mais comment!?) 
A guide and topics list for teachers. 
Version française:  Download   English version:  Download

Canadian Guidelines for Sexual Health Education 
Guidelines developed by professionals in various areas of sexual health: education, public health, women’s issues, health promotion, medicine, nursing, social work, and psychology 

Guidelines in English:  Download   Guidelines in French:  Download

Curated Resources (Sex Ed Student Zone)


These sites are student oriented and contain valuable information and resources for class... and life!

Sext|Ed site for Montreal, now including a hotline!  Go to site

Sex Etc.   Go to site

Stay Teen  Go to site

Scarleteen  Go to site

TeensHealth--For Teens  Go to site

Just for You - Youth  Go to site

Do Something  Go to site

Je capote !   (En français)  Go to site 

Teen Health Source (by PPT Ontario)  Go to site

MEES Program Documents (Sex Ed for Parents)

Sexual Education Resources for Parents

Parents Guides: Transformations, Butterflies, Passions...
(This guide offers parents tools to help their children think about adolescent sexuality and thus have more fruitful discussions with them.  Go to site