Robocup 2018 Press Release

Encounters with Canada Winners

Meet the Winners of the Encounters with Canada contest and read their winning essays






Summer School Registration NOW OPEN!

Registration for Summer School with LEARN's Virtual Campus is now open. If you are eligible for summer school visit for more information and to REGISTER.

NEXTSchool: Whats Next? The Future of High School

When High School is the best it can be at engaging students and preparing them for the world ahead… what will it look like? 

This is the guiding question for NEXTschool – an inclusive, research-based, design initiative facilitated by LEARN –  that aims to transform change-ready High Schools in systemic and sustainable ways with minimum investment. The driving force of the initiative is the urgent need and moral responsibility we have to align our schools with the information age – to reconstruct the traditional structural and cultural paradigms so that schools can ‘decompartmentalize’ teaching and learning and become more proactive and adaptive in their approach to the constantly changing needs of students and their communities.

Our latest post: A Culture of Feedback


Reconciliation: Beginning the journey in schools

Because of the information contained in the final report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada and because of the First Nation student population within Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board and RHS in particular, it is important for our society to try to open the channels of communication by the meeting and sharing of cultures.

LEARN’s Self-Paced Blended Learning – Year 1

At LEARN, we offer fully synchronous online courses to Quebec’s English high school students, and have been doing so for a long time… 19 years to be exact. This year, we also offered some of the same courses in a different format, which we called “Self-Paced Blended Learning”, or SPBL for short.