Request for Proposals: Communications Specialist


ELAN & LEARN are partnering up to manage the Government of Canada's Community Cultural Action Fund Micro-Grant Program for Minority Schools in Quebec. The program aims to provide students in minority language schools with opportunities to experience the arts and explore their culture. ELAN will be overseeing the administration of the program and will be working collaboratively with LEARN to reach the 300+ English schools.

ELAN and LEARN are seeking proposals TO DEVELOP OUTREACH STRATEGIES AND DESIGN COMMUNICATION TOOLS REQUIRED TO SUCCESSFULLY LAUNCH THE MICRO-GRANT PROGRAM and connect artists with the maximum number of schools annually. This is a contract position that will run from FEBRUARY 4 - MARCH 31, 2019.

To learn more about this position as well as proposal requirements, click here.


LEARN Online Tutoring: Registration for the current session is still open

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LEARN Tutoring provides online homework help and tutoring sessions, at no charge, from qualified and experienced teachers. LEARN works in partnership with schools and families to support student success.

If you are in grades 2 to 11, in an English school in Quebec, LEARN will work with your school and your family to support your academic success.

Tutoring request form opens on October 9.

Tutoring sessions start on October 15.


Submit your Stories! Teacher Appreciation 2019

Teacher and School Staff Appreciation Week 2019It's time for our fifth annual Teacher Appreciation blog post series, highlighting amazing teachers and school staff members across Quebec. Please share your gratitude, anecdotes, and kudos for an educator at your local school who has made an impact on you (or your family) and we will share your words of appreciation for her/him in the LEARN blog during Teacher and School Staff Appreciation weeks at the beginning of February.

Sur le blogue : La ludopédagogie

Nous ne cessons pas de jouer parce que nous sommes vieux; nous devenons vieux parce que nous cessons de jouer. George Bernard Shaw

Après avoir assisté à un atelier donné par Geneviève Ducharme et Emilie Laquerre sur la ludopédagogique, j’étais tellement emballée que j’ai décidé de vous partager leur excellent travail. Je les ai donc invitées à répondre à mes questions.


2018 Encounters with Canada Contest Winners

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Compassion In Action Contest. Read the winning essays!

On the Blog: Drawing a Lesson: Familiarity Breeds Creativity

Putting herself in an unfamiliar learning setting, Christiane Dufour experienced first-hand what happens in the “making” process when one is unfamiliar with the materials and the techniques associated with them. It brought home what three teachers discovered when they implemented STEAM the Kindergarten Way through Play. Be sure to scroll all the way down to the video at the end.

NEXTSchool: Reflecting on Relationships

As the EXPLOREteams start to design their NEXTschool, they will be looking at the high school experience through the lens of the Relational System which focuses on who takes part in the learning experience, the emotional and motivational aspects of learning, as well as who we learn from, with and who we teach.

Our latest post: Reflecting on Relationships


Careers - We are hiring Tutors for Online Tutoring

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LEARN hires qualified, bilingual, enthusiastic and motivated individuals for a variety of positions on a regular basis. Please click "More" below for our latest employment postings. LEARN is an equal opportunity employer.


On the blog: Artful Tinkering in Kindergarten: The creativity table

Kindergarten students making artHot in the wake of Christiane Dufour's standing-room-only workshop at QPAT (which garnered over 50 attendees!), she brings us a timely post on Making in Kindergarten. As with everything that comes out of K these days, I'm always left wondering - why not do this all throughout school using various materials, tech and non-tech?

On the Blog: "Fostering a Growth Mindset in the Arts Classroom"

What strategies can be used in the arts classroom to shift focus from ‘getting it right’ to exploring potential? Educators often refer to this as ‘fostering a growth mindset’. As an Artist in Schools, my first task in a music classroom is to use the skills students have developed with their teachers in a way that is surprising. I do this by setting up games. Games have rules, giving everyone clear guidelines that govern how and what to play, making it easy for everyone to participate, in addition to being fun.