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Playing with Poetry

In this interactive and hands-on hour, teachers will come away with numerous methods to bring playful poetry into their English Language Arts curriculum. Geared for the elementary classroom, this session encourages and exposes the power and passion that poetry possesses. Participants will read, write and share a vast array of poems guaranteed to promote a love of words and wordplay. This is important since merely whispering "poetry" frightens almost everyone away.

June 10, 2013

Public ciblé : Elementary ELA Teachers

Presenter Melanie Stonebanks has been part of the education community for the past 20 years. She has enjoyed her roles as elementary teacher, sessional lecturer at McGill University, consultant and team member at MELS in English Language Arts and pedagogical consultant at LEARN.


Applying UDL Principles to my Class

Many of you will have encountered this term at conferences, in training and publications. It sounds appealing, ground breaking and slightly daunting!

This session will seek to introduce the basic concepts of Universal Design for Learning from a hands-on-perspective: What is it? Why is it becoming increasingly important in achieving inclusion? How can I start exploring and implementing it as a teacher everyday in my own clasroom?

February 3, 2014

Public ciblé : Secondary Teachers

Presenter Frederic Fovet brings to the field of inclusion a unique profile in the sense that he has a combined background in Law (he was a practising solicitor in the UK) and an academic research interest in Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties (he holds a MEd in SEBD from the University of Birmingham in the UK). It is undoubtedly this dual perspective that makes UDL so appealing. He has himself been a Special Ed teacher and the principal of a residential school for adolescents with Learning Disabilities and behaviour difficulties for over a decade, before triggering at the head of the OSD at McGill a radical and campus wide drive for UDL implementation.

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