Online & Blended Learning

LEARN’s Virtual Campus provides high-quality instruction aligned with the Quebec curriculum and allows for equity of course offerings across the province no matter the size, staffing, or geographical location of the school. Our courses follow the Quebec school calendar and run from August to June. Course registration is available in August and September.

All LEARN courses feature access to engaging online resources 24/7 through our secure learning portal and allow students to meet in a full-featured web-based virtual classroom. With modelling in how to build a 21st-century digital footprint, students are encouraged to communicate regularly, inside and outside class time, with their online teachers, develop skills related to the use of technology, and to participate in learning and reflection opportunities using social media.

Every spring, LEARN surveys all English secondary schools to determine online learning needs for the coming school year. The survey is sent to school boards and secondary schools via email. All requests for online blended courses MUST come from the school or school board. You may use the form at the bottom of this page. 

LEARN’s Online Blended Courses are available in two different delivery options: Real-Time and Self-Paced.

Contact us at to make a request. Course registration is available in August and September.

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Grant Writing

Grants can be used to fund the creation of new initiatives or to sustain existing ones.  


Internal Funding Sources

In addition to grant opportunities made available by community-based organizations, consult with school principals to learn about funding allocations (measures) made available to schools and school boards through the Ministry of Education (MEES).