The Garden Project

School-Community Gardens are growing in Community Learning Centres across the province.  The gardens are fertile ground for school-community partnerships and represent a strategy that touches upon hands-on learning, family-community engagement and healthy food and healthy lifestyles.


A school-community garden is not always an easy endeavor - but if things go well, you can literally enjoy the fruits of your labor.


Listen to an interview with Kristen Keyes, a teacher in Montreal on the topic of a school-community garden she was involved in growing.

LEARN Podcast

An interview with teacher Kristen Keyes about the school-community garden she was involved in growing:


Pedagogical Resources

A selection of organizations that support school gardens with lesson plans and curriculum links.

Jardiner mon école

The Edible Schoolyard Project

Agriculture in the Classroom - Canada

Jardinons à l'école

Little Green Thumbs

School-Community Garden Institute

LEARN and McGill hosted a garden institute in May 2019 with teachers and community partners.  It was a great opportunity to share resources, inspiration and learning from each other. A Harvest festival is planned for October 2019.  

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Grants and Funding

Videos for the Garden Project

Did you know that over ten CLCs have a community garden at their school? 

Learn more about how gardens can be used to support learning and healthy living habits as well as where to find funding.


LEARN Podcast

An interview with teacher Kristen Keyes about the school-community garden she was involved in growing. 

Les Jardins Pédagogiques Au Québec

A comprehensive report about school gardens including garden profiles, challenges and elements for success: Une étude du mouvement 

Classroom Resources For The School-Community Garden

Lesson Plans and Projects for Teachers

A quick google will prove there is no lack of resources to support school-community gardens.  Below is a selected list of sites with lesson plans and project ideas:


School Garden Wizard – go to site 

A great website with resources, lesson ideas, evaluation tools and general support for schools interested in incorporating gardening into the curriculum.

The Edible Schoolyard Project  - go to site 

A model program with many resources that shows how to integrate healthy habits and gardening within the curriculum and into the students lives through hands on experience.

The Rooftop Garden Project (English/Français) - go to site 

The pedagogical guide Roots Around the World has practical, critical and creative educational activities allowing students in primary cycle 1,2,3 to discover and reflect upon what is at stake in urban agriculture. This guide will take you from the fridge to the garden, from local action to global thinking.

From Garden to Classroom Activity and Resource Guide For Educators – go to site 

From Garden to Classroom Outreach Education Program is a guide compiled and developed based on feedback from both the outreach program and the teacher workshop participants residing on the West Coast of Newfoundland.

Tomatosphere – go to site 

Tomatosphere is a research project that has a dual-purpose: to educate and inspire young students and to open the door for extended space exploration, eventually leading to Mars. Students will have the opportunity to grow tomatoes from two sets of seeds. One set will be seeds which have been exposed to a simulated space environment and the other set will be the control group.


Grants and Funding

Metro Green Apple- Croque Sante - go to site 

The Metro Green Apple School Program aims to encourage students to adopt healthy eating habits by taking part in a project that will have a positive impact in their home, school, or community.  Grant applications are available each fall. 

Outdoor Classroom Guide

English - go to site 

Français - go to site 

Outdoor classrooms bring learning to life. An outdoor classroom is a space that brings learning outside. It becomes a gathering place for teachers and students and provides an opportunity to integrate nature into your school grounds. By giving students the opportunity to get outside and experience nature, they can bring learning to life.

Evergreen Green Grants

English - go to site 

Français - go to site 

Evergreen offers program funding up to $10,000 for community-based initiatives across Canada. Projects supported through the Green Grants program include, but are not limited to:

  • Native planting initiatives
  • Invasive species removal
  • Community food gardens
  • Youth-based and intergenerational projects
  • Wildlife habitat restoration
  • Aquatic stewardship projects
  • Environmental workshops and educational events
  • Community skills sharing workshops
  • Projects serving underserved communities

Videos for the Garden Project