Glossary of Frequently Used Terms

.mp3 .mov .m4a .mp4
These are different formats for audio or video files.

Most podcasts are uploaded to blogs. The podcaster includes shownotes (an outline of the podcast, links to any outside sites mentioned in the podcast, and, in some blogs, photographs that relate to the podcast)

Bumper music
Short music clips used between segments

Adjusting the volume so the music gets quieter when a person starts speaking. This is built-in in Garageband

Enhanced podcast
This is a podcast with still images added. These can be viewed with iTunes.

Sound effects added post production (after recording audio track and not part of the original audio track)

Hosting, web hosting
Your podcast needs to be available on the Web. A hosting server is one to which users can upload their podcasts and then link to them from a blog or podcatcher like iTunes.

Introductory segment

music played in the introduction of the podcast – the theme music of the show

Closing sign-off

A podcast is a pre-recorded audio or video series that can be subscribed to on the web or through a podcatcher such as iTunes. It can be listened to on a computer or portable device.
Many use the term podcast for a single file, but a single file would just be an audio or video production. From Wikipedia: Podcasting is the distribution of audio or video files, such as radio programs or music videos, over the Internet using either RSS or Atom syndication for listening on mobile devices and personal computers.

RSS - Really Simple Syndication
It is the ability to sydicate podcasts that makes a podcast different from just putting an audio file on the Internet. By making your podcasts available through a podcatcher such as iTunes or Podcast Alley, interested listeners can automatically receive the latest episodes of your podcast as they become available.

A complete part of a podcast, usually written and spoken by one or two people

Sound effect
Artificially created or enhanced sound

A sound effect used at the beginning of a podcast or between segments

Tag line
Clever, cool, or witty slogan used for the podcast e.g. “Radio that rocks

Video podcast or vodcast
Vodcast (video on demand) is a podcast that includes video. Unlike a regular movie file on the web, this can be syndicated just like a regular podcast.