LEARN Tutoring & Online Class FAQ

This page contains some handy information about our online classroom platform, Zoom.

For the best experience, download the Zoom Meeting Client. Go to site

If you are having problems connecting, please read this page BEFORE calling our support line at 1-877-647-6060, ext. 1412.

LEARN Zoom Participant Guide

This PDF guide provides basic information to help you connect to online classes and/or tutoring sessions. Download

For more details, please read the information below or visit the Zoom support site

General Questions (Zoom)

System Requirements for Tutoring: 

Zoom is supported for Windows, Mac, iPad, Android and Linux. At this time, Chromebook support is limited (see below)*. 

"Participants who are unable to install the Zoom client on their computer or the Zoom app on their mobile device can join a meeting or webinar through their web browser. The Zoom web client offers limited functionality. Read more about the Web Client."

For an optimal experience, if you MUST connect using a web browser, we recommend Google Chrome.

If you are using a Windows 10 computer and unable to install the Zoom client (or anything not from the Microsoft Store), you may be using Windows 10 S. In order to use the Zoom client, you need to convert Windows 10 S to Windows 10 Home. Instructions can be found here. Go to site

Joining Tutoring Sessions

— Configuring Audio & Video - Sharing screen -  Go to page

— When you first join your tutoring session, you will be placed in a virtual waiting room. If you are disconnected while in the waiting room, please wait a few seconds and then reconnect.

Things to note

— Make sure mic is connected to your machine before connecting to Zoom

— Annotation tools (as well as some other features) are NOT supported on Chromebooks or via the web client. In order to use annotation, you will have to download and use the Zoom client.

LEARN discourages the use of Chromebooks and mobile phones for tutoring. These devices do not offer an optimal tutoring experience.

Updated: April 10, 2019

If these solutions do not solve your problem, please call our support number toll free: 1-877-647-6060