“Think globally, act locally” is an environmentalist slogan that means that, although we must have a global vision with respect to forest exploitation, we must also find solutions that focus on local realities.


  1. Using the student worksheet and the example of the Amazon rainforest, define what it means to think globally about the forest. For example, what are the consequences of intensive forest exploitation on a global scale?

  2. Using the student worksheet and the statistics on paper consumption, identify what you can do locally to reduce paper consumption at home and at school.

  3. As a final task, create a poster to help people realize that we need to use forests sustainably. Your poster will be evaluated according to the following criteria:


    • Originality
    • Format and presentation
    • Clarity of message


    • Slogan
    • Awareness-raising methods (statistics, photos, testimonials, etc.)
    • Solutions proposed

 Student working document :