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This summer, Mike will discover that there are many complex issues to be resolved in the regional territory of Abitibi. Forest exploitation is the main economic activity of this region; however, the main players involved in the industry don’t agree on how this magnificent resource should be used.

Task 1: Using the summary sheet for this issue:

  1. Identify the main players involved in the issue of forest exploitation and explain their points of view.
  2. Identify one compromise that could satisfy all the players.
  3. Give and justify your opinion on this issue.

Task 2: Using the online drawing tool or drawing software:

  1. Create a sketch that illustrates the issue of forest exploitation. Your sketch must contain the following elements:
    1. It must have a title
    2. It must have a legend
    3. It must illustrate the position of at least three of the main players
  2. Complete your sketch with a personal statement that expresses your point of view on the issue of forest exploitation.

Croquis en ligneClick here to access the CROQUIS, an online sketch tool***
This sketch tool site is in French, but not much knowledge of French is required to use it. To access the Croquis en ligne site, you must first create an account, by entering an email address and username. Once you have your account, you can then create a new sketch using the “forest” theme. When you’ve finished your sketch, you can export it as a jpeg image and print it out for your teacher. Don’t hesitate to submit it, so it can be part of the CROQUIS gallery of the best sketches of the forest. A tutorial is available within the application, under the Help menu.

Student working documents :

- Summary sheet for activity 6:

- Working document for activity 6 :

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