Uncle Jake

 Source: RÉCIT national de l'univers social

My poor Mike, you’re going to be working for the enemy! Seriously, I understand that people need paper and lumber, but I often have the impression that the big forestry companies take too much. Outfitter businesses like mine need the forest for all our activities; you can’t hunt and fish in the desert! When I’m out in a beautiful lake with tourists from Montréal, France or the U.S. who have paid big bucks for the privilege of being in nature, it’s hard for me to explain why the forestry companies have only left a narrow strip of trees around the lake with stumps on the other side!

I know that logging and wood processing provide lots of jobs in the region, but tourism also creates jobs and not just mine! Hotels, restaurants, transportation companies and local businesses all rely on the money brought in by tourists when they come to visit our huge forests! A standing forest also brings in a lot of money!!