The forestry company boss: Ian Stump

 Source: RÉCIT national de l'univers social

Welcome, planters, to camp 3 of Stump Trees Inc. For the next few weeks, you will be responsible for replanting large sectors that were cut down this winter. All this wood was sent to about 100 sawmills and wood-processing plants in the region. This means that more than 4000 jobs will be saved because of the work we do. Not to mention that our exports contribute to the Québec economy… In fact, without the jobs created by the forestry industry, many villages in this region would probably have to close…

I don’t have to remind you of all the uses of wood. Whether we like it or not, it would be very difficult for our society to manage without wood or paper! The forestry industry is essential to the Québec economy.

For those of you who have come from the big city with all kinds of preconceptions, you should know that it’s been a long time since the forest industry has engaged in clear-cutting! Out of respect for nature, we practise logging that protects regeneration and the soil. In fact, you don’t have to worry about the environment; all the trees we cut down are replanted! That’s why you’re here!

Good luck with the black flies and the bears! And don’t forget that you are an important part of Québec’s forest economy!