Moi et la forêt

 Source: RÉCIT national de l'univers social

Now that Mike has defined what a forest territory is, he wants to explore the term exploitation of forests a bit more. A forest can be exploited, but for what purpose?

 Student working document:

Give five examples of what you could do in the forest or with forest products and then compare your ideas with those of your classmates.

My ideas Class ideas
1. 1.
2. 2.
3. 3.
4. 4.
5. 5.

Now use the table below to group the answers to the preceding exercise by category of wood or forest use. First, write down the ideas that are related to each other and then name the category that unites them.





Mind mapping:

Mind mapping software like Inspiration or FreeMind allows you to structure your ideas and thoughts. Using mind mapping or drawing software, you can create a mind map on the topic of forest territories. You can also print the working document above or work directly in it.


Inspiration :

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Freemind :

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