What is forest exploitation?

Mike is rather pleased with his brainstorming work.

He now identifies several keywords to use when doing research on the Internet. Online, he discovers new ideas to better explain the concept of forest exploitation.

Mike then creates a table in which to organize his findings according to specific categories.

The following table is divided into categories of wood and forest uses. Place the ideas from the previous exercise and the following images in the proper categories.

Forest exploitation is…

Trades Organizations Hazards Recreational Tourism
Industries Consumer Products Types of Forests  

The following images illustrate various categories of wood and forest uses. Please place them correctly in the table above.

a b c d
e f g h
i j k l
m n o p
q r s t

 Student working document:

Slideshow about forest exploitation

Determine which category each of the photos above belongs to.

Using these same photos, create a slideshow about forest exploitation. Don’t forget to include a definition of the concept in your presentation.

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