Unit 19 Employment Skills


The purpose of this unit is to help learners identify their most marketable skills, interests and personality traits. The recognition of such traits will serve not only as a confidence builder, but also as a valuable step in preparing their resumés and cover letters. Learners, regardless of their situations in life, are asked to complete a series of activities that prepare them to either find employment or to ask for a promotion. Ideally, learners will not only gain important job-hunting skills, but will also learn how to recognize and sell their competencies and achievements.

The Unit at a Glance:

  • Identify interests, skills and personality traits.
  • Write a resumé.
  • Find out how and where to look for work.
  • Write a cover letter.
  • Look for work.
  • Prepare for a job interview.

PDF of Student Workbook: Employment Skills

E-learning video-support sections of this unit: