Unit 22 Entertaiment


The purpose of this unit is to encourage learners to learn as much as they can from entertainment. To begin, they are asked to consider how entertainment affects their lives. Critical thinking is also targeted in an activity that requires learners to watch a television program of their choice with a critical eye: they must consider how people are portrayed in the media and whether this is realistic. Learners must also think critically in an activity that asks them to reflect on two opposing movie reviews. Finding out about a new movie should make learners feel more at ease with the process of finding information and reading schedules (dates and times). An activity with a song by Randall Spear (an English-speaking Quebecer) will not only expose learners to some local culture, but also encourage them to utilise skills in predicting and analyzing. Finally, a reading activity on violence in the media encourages learners to both voice an opinion and defend it.

The Unit at a Glance:

  • Consider different types of entertainment.
  • Think about why entertainment is important.
  • Consider how to learn from entertainment.
  • Watch TV with a critical eye.
  • Learn about different kinds of movies.
  • Read some movie reviews.
  • Review a movie.
  • Reflect on music as entertainment.
  • Analyze a song.
  • Read an article about violence in the media.
  • Form an opinion and defending it.

PDF of Student Workbook: Entertainment

E-learning video-support sections of this unit: