Unit 26 Getting My Driver's License


An individual must deal with a considerable amount of documentation in order to get his or her driver's licence. The purpose of this unit is to make the handling of such documentation more manageable. To begin, learners are provided with important background information on this process. Simplified explanations of the SAAQ Driver's Handbook are also included in order to make the reading of this document less intimidating. While it is not possible to cover everything in the handbook (it has 270 pages!), it is possible to provide learners with strategies to handle this document. A sample written test for the SAAQ knowledge test is included as well as suggested strategies to handle such tests. Other important items that are involved in getting one's driver's licence are also included: fees, seasonal driving in Quebec, drinking and driving, etc. Essentially, this unit offers a comprehensive overview of how to get a driver's licence in Quebec and how to respect the rules of the road. Important: The learner will need a copy of the Driver's Handbook from the SAAQ (roughly $20.00).

The Unit at a Glance:

  • Discover the basics of getting a driver's licence (fees involved, what it means, how to get started).
  • Learn about seasonal driving in Quebec.
  • Read an article about being a safe driver.
  • Learn the basics (the Driver's Handbook).
  • Develop strategies for reading the Driver's Handbook.

PDF of Student Workbook: Getting My Driver's License

E-learning video-support sections of this unit: