Unit 29 Handling Legal Concerns


The main purpose of this unit is to acquaint learners with enough knowledge to independently handle legal matters. Activities do the following: promote a greater awareness of the law, ensure a better understanding of the judicial system, provide essential tools to handle legal concerns and encourage learners to participate in civic duties. Learners are exposed to important background information on the law so that they may have enough knowledge to handle a personal legal concern. Note: Tutors are encouraged to use the Educaloi website to support and/or supplement this unit. This website provides many up-to-date details on the law in Quebec and Canada. (Go to: http://www.educaloi.qc.ca/en)

The Unit at a Glance:

  • Learn important background information on the law.
  • Learn about the rights and responsibilities of Canadian citizens.
  • Find out about different types of legal concerns.
  • Discover how to handle basic legal concerns.
  • Find important details on a personal legal concern.
  • Complete a report on a legal concern.
  • Reflect on how information was found (meta-cognation).
  • Read an article on being prepared to handle legal issues.

PDF of Student Workbook: Handling Legal Concerns

E-learning video-support sections of this unit: